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Dairy Farming- what is it?

Dairy farming is an essential part of agriculture. Dairy farming is done to produce milk or different kinds of milk products on a large scale. This kind of agriculture has been a part of agriculture for more than a thousand-year, and the farming includes cows, sheep, and goats. India, being the number one producers of milk and milk product massively produces milk daily. Large scale production of milk is required when there is a demand for a large amount of milk and milk products, for instance, butter, cheese, ghee, and more.

Various Milking Methods

Small scale farms use “hand milking method” to milk their cows, and it is the most common methods in rural areas. However, for medium and large-scale business, using machines to milk the cows without any human interface is what makes their milk products absolutely pure. Vacuum bucket milking is the first step of milking on a milking machine which is then followed by milking pipeline along with milking parlours. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, the robotic milking system started to develop. Today, there are many such machines which make the milking process easy.

Dairy Farm Tasks

It is essential to keep the milking process hygienic to keep the end product pure. Dairy farm tasks revolve around managing the cows carefully. This will include a proper supply of food to all the cows to maintain their good health. All the equipment has to be sterilized to ensure they are safe to use in the cattle. Each cattle must be kept in a hygienic environment so that they are free from diseases and insects. Along with all this, routine medical check-up has to be performed as well.

Eggs and Poultry Products Packed with Nutrition

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