Farming Activities

Farming Activities


We milk our cows twice daily during milking season. Our milking process is done by the sterilized equipment, and we don’t involve any human interference. We keep our shed absolutely neat and clean. During the milking process, all kinds of wastes, along with cow dung, is collected together and are taken away from the areas to keep the area clean for our cows and our
employees. We collect waste products in oxidation ponds.

Cleaning and Feeding cows

It is understandable that in order to keep our cows healthy and happy, we must make sure that they are getting a balanced diet. We also clean our cow regularly to maintain good hygiene. Lactating cows have a different feed requirement than the regular calves and heifers, and thus we prepare their meal accordingly. For feeding cows, they get to eat dry fodder, green fodder,
concentrate feed, and more. We provide extra care to lactating and pregnant animals too.

Bottling plant

Once we collect milk, it will get transported to the dairy plant. We always sperate raw mil to cream and skin by utilizing a centrifugal force. After that, skim milk gets standardize with cream in order to produce the best quality milk. Later, we use a milk filling machine to pasteurize the milk. Finally, we fill the bottles with milk by using a tool.

Organic Poultry Farm

In order to establish a functional organic poultry farm. You basically need to acknowledge stuff like; proper housing facilitation for your birds, promoting natural breeding instead of artificial and hormonal reproduction tactics, feeding the poultry livestock with essential nutrition, regular health check-up for eliminating flu and infection, and furthermore practicing management and record-keeping of your chickens, feeding materials and slaughter statics.

At our Heavenly Farm House, we provide our poultry livestock with the utmost ideal and proper living conditions. A hygienic and sanitized living environment also eliminates the risk of spreading flu and influenza. Moreover, we also raise our chicks by feeding them all the essential nutrients such as protein and calcium infused whole maize and soy that they evidently required to gain weight, lay quality, and organic eggs and slaughtered into a slice of healthy and nutritious chicken meat.