Know More About Wind Farm House

Know More About Wind Farm House

The Hi-Tech dairy farm

About Us

Heavenly Wind Farm House is majorly based in Kerala, and currently, we have around 50+ cattle and hundreds of poultry birds living in the most state-of-the-art housing facilities and living conditions. We absolutely feed our animals with all the essential nutrients to make sure that they are kept in fine health.

Additionally, we are also committed to providing you with the purest milk and nutritious poultry products such as non-fertilized eggs and raw chicken meat. At Heavenly Wind Farm House, we are very serious about hygiene, and that’s why our poultry livestock and animals live in a contamination-free and hygienic environment only. The milk that will be delivered to you is surely going to be 100% pure, untouched, and unadulterated.


Our Heavenly Farm Poultry Products

The excessive demand for quality and organic poultry products and revolutionary transformation in the poultry industry has certainly seemed to have been exponentially increased in recent years.

Perhaps, that is why the good old backyard poultry farming is now surely reformed into a more commercial and sort of organized industry. Taking consideration and notice of that, we have also now channeled and further introduced an advanced quality and farm-fresh poultry products production and eggs packaging equipment machinery that indubitably helps in increasing our productivity and expanding our heavenly farm poultry products business. Furthermore, we also take care of our birds with the assistance of feeding them with nutritious feed and certainly package the non-fertilized eggs with the utmost efficiency.


Bespoke Quality and Eco friendly

Our venture is a zero-wastage venture, and we have a mission to provide healthy milk to all our valuable customers. We understand that you have high expectations from us when it comes to pure dairy and that’s why we deliver only hygienic and nutritional cow milks each and every time. Begin your day with a fresh cup of hot milk and feel energic all day long and end your day with a perfect cup of cold milk to stay out of indigestion problems.

Farm tourism at its best

Even though our core objective is to deliver healthy and pure milk, we also let our customers enjoy a scenic village ambience too through our farm tourism project. Visit us and let us show you our clean and peaceful village and give you a tour of our dairy farm as well. You can come and meet us and enjoy the beautiful village environment during the day. Don’t worry; we are here to make your village stay a splendid affair. We will provide you with every facility that you will seek for, for a great weekend or holiday stay.