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Get the 100% Organic Quality Dairy & Poultry Farm Products

Well, we originally established our Heavenly Wind Farm House in the year 2015. At that point, we absolutely started with a certain focus to deliver & further producing high-end poultry & dairy farm products by the help and using a few imperceptible numbers of livestock animals around that time.
However, since then we have been blessed with more than 50+ healthy cows, buffalos, cattle, hens, roosters, chicks, and other livestock animals whom we are assuredly responsible for taking good care of through serving them standard quality hay which is mixed with protein & nutrition induced grains, barley, leftovers meals & home-cooked pasturage.

What We Do
As mentioned above, our Heavenly Wind Farms was firstly structured and further established with the aim
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Eco-Friendly Environment
It should be the responsibility of every individual to live an eco-friendly lifestyle as the world and environment
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No Waste Policy
At Heavenly Farm House, we never waste our water resources, stationed a rainwater harvesting system
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Our Bio Gas Plant
At Heavenly Wind Farm House, we have our very own biogas plant grounded at our facility
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100% Quality Dairy Products
We made a significant investment in the purpose of delivering 100% quality dairy products
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Get to Know More About Farming

Dairy Farming- what is it?
Dairy farming is an essential part of agriculture. Dairy farming is done to produce milk or different kinds of milk products on a large scale. This kind of agriculture has been a part of agriculture for more
Various Milking Methods
Small scale farms use “hand milking method” to milk their cows, and it is the most common methods in rural areas. However, for medium and large-scale business, using machines to milk the cows without any human
Dairy Farm Tasks
It is essential to keep the milking process hygienic to keep the end product pure. Dairy farm tasks revolve around managing the cows carefully. This will include a proper supply of food to all the cows to maintain their good health. All the equipment has to be sterilized


We milk our cows twice daily during milking season. Our milking process is done
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Cleaning and Feeding cows

It is understandable that in order to keep our cows healthy and happy, we must make sure
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Bottling plant

Once we collect milk, it will get transported to the dairy plant. We always sperate raw mil
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Organic Poultry Farm

In order to establish a functional organic poultry farm. You basically need to acknowledge stuff like
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